Joy Nicholson Holistic Healing

Massage relaxes your body’s muscles, stimulates your lymphatic system and increases your circulation.  Helping your body find balance by easing tension and stress.   >> further details    

Reiki,  pronounced Ray-Key, this ancient eastern modality works with your energy system. It has enjoyed a resurgence in modern life because many people in the Western World are looking for ways to help themselves to heal, relax and cope with the stresses of everyday life.
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Hypnotherapy   Hypnotherapy is the use of various hypnosis techniques for therapeutic purposes. There are several different types of hypnotherapy.   >> further details

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Health Fund Rebates available for Reflexology.

Reflexology stimulates the reflex points found in the feet and hands which correspond to all the body systems. It is a natural, safe modality that promotes health, relaxation and assists in the recovery from illness and injury.  >> further details

Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy (ISET), an effective and subtle form of therapy that helps to create positive change in your life – whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It is so effective because it quickly gets to the underlying cause of any disharmony we experience in life. It uses many different modalities and therefore allows for an individual approach to healing. Some of the modalities that may be incorporated are: guided imagery; counselling; deep relaxation therapy; colour therapy and past life and age regression.  >> further details

Workshops  are a great way to learn more about a modality or topic, gain extra skills and have a broader understanding of yourself.

Regular workshops are held for: